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10 Reasons why you should use a Broker

1. Grooming for sale - Increasing the sale Value
Any fee paid to BizSales is easily recouped in the increased sale price and saleability of the business. As part a pre-sale audit, we will audit the "saleability" of the company. We will make recommendations as to how a business could be better "prepared for sale". These preparations may sometime be only cosmetic, but sometimes affect the fundamental structure of the business.

2. Confidentiality – No alienating of stakeholders
Having made the decision to sell, having BizSales involved protects the identity of the company we represents for sale with a process designed to contact only owner approved buyers. This will prevent potentially alienating your customer base, employees and other important business relationships. In order for the buyer to gain access to any sensitive information he must sign a confidentiality agreement. That generally eliminates the tire kickers and deters behaviors detrimental to the seller’s business.

3. Focus on Running the business – Increase profits
Using BizSales can allow you to focus on running your business until the sale goes through. At this very critical moment, it is essential that the business owner is more than ever focused on running the business, keeping the business running smoothly (in line with the projections outlined in the memorandum of sale)

4. Intermediary – No Interruptions& No Pressure
Many prospective buyers may be more comfortable dealing with BizSales rather than directly with the owner, particularly in the initial stages of a deal. The importance of maintaining the Buyer – Seller Relationship in this emotional and contentious process can not be underestimated. The business broker acts as a buffer between the buyer and seller. This not only improves the likelihood of the transaction closing, but helps preserve a healthy buyer – seller relationship post closing. Often buyers want sellers to have a portion of their transaction value contingent on the successful performance of the company post closing. Buyer and seller need to be on the same team after closing.

5. Pre Vetting Buyers - Removal of "tyre kickers"
Whilst there may be 30-40 people that may express an interested in your business, most (especially your competitors) only want a guided tour by you through your premises, processes and your accounts. The resulting disruption in production, staff moral and waste of your time is enormous. If a serious buyer knows this is happening, they will now not touch the business as they know that all competitive advantage is now lost. In most business sales there is rarely more than 2-3 that actually are suitable to purchase. BizSales will pre-vet their background, their reasons for wanting to purchase and their financial capacity to purchase.

6. Supply of Buyers – Marketing the opportunity
Many parties interested in buying their a business will have already registered their interest with BizSales. But as part of the sale process a costed marketing plan will focus on other prospective purchasers. We shall target potential purchasers and make them aware of the opportunity available and point out the benefits of a potential purchase. Communication will include direct contact with the principal decision maker, regular advertising in suitable publications along with active public relations, direct marketing campaigns, submission to the BizSales website and to other national and international websites.

7. Valuation – Suggesting a fair Market Value
Achieving the true value of your business is essential. BizSales has considerable experience in working out the best, but realistic value of the business. A valuation prepared by BizSales, is an excellent starting point from which to begin negotiations. The BizSales team also has a wealth of experience in business finance, particularly in the raising of funds for the purchase of your business.

8. Facilitator – Organising everything
BizSales role is to facilitate a sale. As such where there is a committed seller and a committed buyer, BizSales will facilitate the negotiations. This role encompasses everything from arranging meetings with solicitors, accountants etc, chairing (refereeing) meetings with all parties, preparation of draft documents, assisting in due-diligence and coordinating all sales activities.

9. Documentation – We handle the paperwork
There are over 60 separate industry recognised documents involved in the sale of a business. BizSales will prepare these documents eg a Sales Memorandum showing history, strengths and profile of the business without identifying your company. These are prepared and dispatched by BizSales.

10. Due Diligence – Showing the company at it’s best
There are between 200-600 different business issues that will need to be addressed in the Due Diligence phase of a sale. All these issues need to be covered usually within 2-3 weeks. BizSales will make sure that as far as is possible, that all these areas are presented in the correct format for the buyers due diligence team.

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