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Pre Sales Audit

The Audit covers the preparation of an internal audit report on the saleability of your business. It gives a "warts 'n' all" picture of the business from a buyers perspective. It is in effect a mini "due-diligence" on your business, bring up issues that would put off a buyer and be used to reduce an offered price. It will also provide recomendations on what should be done now to make the business more marketable. It provides a realistic market valuation of the business, and well as an projeted valuation, if recommedations are enacted. The fee for the Audit is based on the amount of work required to completed the report. If financial, sales, marketing and other company information is readily available then the cost and time to complete the audit is drastically reduced. It is only after a Pre Sales Audit has been completed, that the decision to sell (or not) can be made.

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