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Marketing Service

Marketing Options: These are variable depending on the type and location of the business.

  1. Inclusion (until sold) both in our own publication Irish Businesses for Sale and on our Internet site. Cost is included in the completion fee.
  2. Advertisement(s) in international/national daily press and professional/trade journals. This can vary from a few hunderd to a few thousand pounds, and are charged at cost in advance.
  3. Preparing a hit list of potential purchasers (agreed with you). The hit list is prepared from our own internal database and/or from a bought-in mailing lists, both of which can be supplemented by library, professional or trade association research. At cost but budget ~£250.
  4. Writing to such advising them that your business is on the market, (the fishing letter to be approved by you before despatch. At cost but budget ~£250.

Any and all advertisement copy must always be approved by you in advance of publication, and paid for in advance.

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