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Business Buyer Services

Generally Business Broker would normally work for Business Sellers. However their experience in selling, provides them with high degree of skills and experience when working for Business Buyers.

To facilitate the Buying of Businesses, BizSales agents will provide services to the buyer in any sale, on a fixed price basis. When working for the buyer, our objective is to;
(a) secure a suitable business and ;
(b) advise on the buying strategy and process and;
(b) secure the best price and terms for our client, the buyer.

The following services are available to Buyers of businesses.

Business Acquisition Search
  • Development of a buyer business search profile.
  • Marketing campaign – to include mixture of Direct Mail and Telemarketing (up to ~1000 contacts)
  • Personal Interviewing of short list of up to 10 prospects
  • Production of buyer information reports on up to 3 suitable acquisition targets.

Business Buyer Report

  • Visit a business, interview the owner, and prepare report on business including estimate value.
  • £250/€395

Buyer Team member / consultation

  • Attending negotiations, advising on purchase, assisting in due diligence.
  • £800/€1200+costs per day


The Small Print

1. Subject to VAT at the relevant rate.
2. Your solicitor is to pay ourselves directly from sale proceeds on the day of the sale.
3. An initial business visit is free. Subsequent unwarranted visits may incur a cost (which will be credited against the completion fee if the business is listed with us). Such visits can be inside or outside business hours. This fee is payable in advance.
4 . For sale valuation purposes, any consultancies / retainers / benefits in kind etc are to be taken into account at actual value, and any property leases are capitalised at seven years for valuation purposes (actual if for a shorter period). Assets are based at fair market rate. Net sale proceeds include: Stock and/or work-in-progress and Debtors : both valued as at date of completion.