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BizSales take your privacy seriously. Please read the following to learn more about our Privacy Policy.

What this Privacy Policy Covers
This Privacy Policy covers our treatment of personally identifying information (“PII”) that we collect when you visit the BizSales Web Site (our “Web Site”).

This Policy also covers PII which our business partners share with the Group.

However, this Policy does not apply to the practices of companies that are not owned or controlled by the Group, or to people who are not employed or managed by the Group.

As detailed in our Terms and Conditions (the “Terms and Conditions”), by the act of registering as a User, individual Users give certain consents to BizSales pursuant to the Data Protection Act 1998. These are dealt with in this Privacy Policy.

Collection and Use of Information
We do not record PII from unregistered users who merely browse our Web Site and who do not register so as to become a “User” within the meaning of our Terms and Conditions. However, we do collect and/or record and/or track PII when:-
• a User registers with our Web Site;
• a User visits pages of our Web Site; and
• a User sends information by e-mail to us.

We may combine information concerning a User with other information that we have (including PII that we have obtained from business partners or other sources) and we may use the combined information for marketing and communication purposes.

When you register with the Web Site we first invite you to read the Terms and Conditions carefully which you should do in conjunction with this Privacy Policy. Having read them, you are asked to signify your acceptance before proceeding with the Registration. Thereafter, as part of the process of Registration as a User we ask you for your name, e-mail address and full postal address. We also ask for your position or status (if the application is made on behalf of an incorporated business), your day-time contact telephone number and (at your discretion), evening and mobile telephone numbers and a fax number. As a cross-check for security purposes we require an e-mail address for confirmation. For statistical purposes we require to know where you found out about our Web Site and ask you (entirely at your discretion) whether you would like to be registered with our appropriate office(s) to receive brochures and/or details of businesses that might be of interest to you.

At the time of Registration you are also asked whether you consent to receive direct marketing information by e-mail in the future (see below).

Once you register as a User, you are not anonymous to us as these details are stored on our BizSales Business Database connected to the Web Site (the “Database”). We collect and record this PII and use it to track and monitor, by electronic means, your use of our Web Site.

In particular, we automatically receive and record information on our server logs from your own computer’s browser program (“your browser”), including your IP address, BizSales cookie information (see below) and the details that you have requested from the Web Site. Where you request information concerning a business from the Database we record that fact to enable us to supply the facilities of the Database requested. If you print out copies of sales particulars we record those details so as to be aware of the types of business information which are, or may be, of interest to you and we maintain a data record on our Database of all Users having an interest in particular businesses by reference to that business number. We may contact you by e-mail, telephone or facsimile to acquaint you with any changes in the data relating to the business details which you have downloaded and, where we consider it reasonable to do so, details of any similar businesses coming onto our Database which may be of interest to you.

We also store information regarding the frequency of your use of our Web Site to archive your record automatically if you have not used the Web Site for a period in excess of 180 days. If this occurs, then you will be unable to use the Web Site again until you either re-register as a User or have your registered User status re-instated. This can be done by:-

• e-mailing us on feedback@bizsalesni.com ; or
• using the feedback facility on the Web Site.

We also may use PII for the following general purposes:-
(1) to customise the presentation of business information and other content of the Web Site;
(2) to fulfil your requests for certain products and services;
(3) to contact you periodically via direct e-mail marketing campaigns on a range of subjects that, we hope, will be of interest to you; and
(4) to compile general statistics (without personal identification) as to numbers using the Web Site, numbers of sales details viewed, total Site activity and other general statistical information.

Direct Marketing by E-Mail
Where at the time of Registration you have specifically consented for the purposes of Regulation 22 of the Privacy and Electronic Communications (EC Directive) Regulations 2003 (and so long as you have not withdrawn that consent), we may contact you periodically via direct e-mail marketing campaigns on a range of subjects that, we hope, will be of interest to you concerning both the Group and its services and products, and those of our business partners and may use PII for such purpose.

You have the right free of charge, at any time, to request that direct marketing communications sent to you by electronic mail by BizSales shall cease, by sending an e-mail to feedback@BizSalesNI.co.uk clearly indicating that you do not wish your contact details to be used for the purpose of direct marketing by e-mail in the future. We will process this as promptly as possible and in any event within 7 days.

Information Sharing and Disclosure
We will not sell or rent your PII to anyone.

We will, however, send PII about you to other companies or people where we have your consent to share that information, or we need to share such information in order to provide the service that you have requested, or we need to send the information to companies who work on behalf of BizSales or as business partners of the Group in order to provide a service or product to you. (Unless we tell you differently, where these companies are outside the Group they do not have any right to use the PII that we provide to them beyond what is necessary to assist us).

Members of the Group have registered their categories of Disclosure Subjects with the Information Commissioner in compliance with the Data Protection Act 1998.

The Group complies with Court Orders, subpoenas and legitimate requests from lawful authorities who by statute or legal process command our compliance.

We will also disclose PII about you in the event that your actions on our Web Site violate our Terms and Conditions, or any of our usage guidelines for specific services.

We may transfer information about you if BizSales or any company in the Group acquires or is acquired by or merged with any other company. In this event, BizSales will notify you before information about you is transferred and becomes subject to a different Privacy Policy.

A cookie is a small amount of data, often including an anonymous unique identifier, that is sent to your browser in your own computer from our Web Site servers and this is stored on your computer’s hard drive.

To reassure you:-
• A cookie only ever sends back what was stored. This means that our Web Site cannot obtain any information via a cookie about your computer that our Web Site does not already know;

• Our Web Site cannot get to your e-mail address, name, address or other PII unless you have already provided that information to the Web Site in the first place; and

• Similarly, our Web Site cannot access cookie information destined for another web site - your browser will only ever send cookies relevant to the site whose page is being displayed.

• We use permanent and session cookies to enable our servers to store information in, and to receive such information back from, your browser in order to assist our Web Site to communicate with you.

• Whenever you visit any page on the Web Site, your browser will send back all cookies relevant to the Site that it has accepted. We use a “permanent” cookie to identify the language that you wish to use on your visits and we use a “session” cookie (containing a new unique number generated each time one of these session cookies is sent) which is used to allow the Site to remember the visitor’s current position in the Site, and to allow the Web Site to remember things from page to page (such as the list of matching businesses found as the result of a business search).

• When you log onto the Web Site as a registered User for the first time your browser receives an additional “permanent” cookie containing a unique number which is used to fill in your e-mail address and thereafter, when you log in, we can associate your “session” cookie with your User record for the remainder of the session. We also use the “session” cookie to remember who you are, and thus to track your actions on the Web Site.

• Your browser only accepts the cookies which our Web Site sends to it, and sends these back to us, if your browser’s settings allow this. You can configure your browser to accept all cookies, reject all cookies, or notify you when a cookie is set. (As every browser is different, you will need to check the “Help” menu of your browser to learn how to change your cookie preferences.) Unfortunately, if your browser rejects all cookies or refuses to accept some of them you will not be able to take full advantage of every facility of the BizSales Web Site and your use of the Site will be limited, particularly during business searches since we will be unable to remember the set of matching businesses.

• We do not set any third parties’cookies on your computer.

Your Right to Edit and Delete your Personal Identifying Information
BizSales gives registered Users the ability to edit their contact details or to cancel their Registration as a User at any time by:-
• telephoning us on +44 (0)28 7964 4060 or
• e-mailing us on feedback@BizSalesNI.co.uk or
• using the feedback facility on the Web Site.

No charge is made by us for dealing with any such amendment or cancellation.

The PII that BizSales holds upon its Database and upon the servers operating our Web Site is protected by specific ID Numbers allocated to you for your privacy and security.

When you visit the BizSales Shop, BizSales uses industry-standard SSL-encryption (with a security certificate which can be checked by your browser) to protect data transmissions and safeguard your ability to make secure payments to the Shop by electronic means.

Amendment to this Privacy Policy
We may amend this Policy from time to time. If we make any substantial changes to the way in which we use your PII we will notify you by posting a prominent announcement on our pages.

If you have any questions or suggestions please do use the Feedback facility on the Site or send an e-mail to feedback@BizSalesNI.co.uk

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